About Aidan

Aidan Timmons took to Art like a duck to water. His first indication that his artistic talent was unique was when he won 1st place in a series of Art competitions in the 1980's in Dublin. He was strongly influenced and personally trained by his father - Brendan Timmons, the Irish landscape painter.

His earliest works were in watercolour but he quickly moved to oils where his free handling and atmospheric effects helped him to capture, like the impressionists, the transient effects of light. Being reminiscent of many of the deceased great Irish landscape painters - Paul Henry, Maurice Wilkes and particularly George Gillespie, he especially likes painting Connemara landscapes. He has exhibited and sold many breathtaking sunsets with optical mixtures the neo-impressionists would be proud of.

He has executed ambassadorial commissions and has paintings hanging in private collections worldwide. His work is sought after internationally and particularly by Irish collectors.